Hassle free Property Investment

Leave it to us to take care of all the in's and outs of property investing. We take care of all aspects from finding the right property to your requirements, through purchasing, organizing the refurb if needed and ultimately to our agreed upon exit strategy

Multiple Property Strategies Available

Whether you looking to simply secure your money in property, make more interest on your money than in the bank or pension scheme, or if you looking to make a good living and retire we have the right strategy for you.

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Fully Backed Assets

Be secure in knowing that every cent is invested in physical property.

All investments are made into actual bricks and mortar. Thus securing your investment and ensuring that you can leave a legacy behind.

*Although property has proven over centuries to be the most secure way to invest money, there is still a small amount of risk involved. Please be aware that your capital may be at risk



Dynamic Property Investors is a family run and owned business based in Wirral in North-West England.

We are originally from South Africa where we had began investing in property in 2001. Due to the political unrest in recent years we decided in 2015 to sell up our portfolio and move it to the North-West.

As we are a family business we understand that the most important thing to our success is good relationships and working with honesty and integrity. It is in working within this ethos that we are able to deliver time after time.

Not only do we assist people to invest in property, but we also invest in property ourselves. We have a large portfolio that we have built up over the past few years practicing our specific strategies.

We do not include this here to brag but merely to give you certainty that we know what we are doing.

Simply put we have years of experience and built large property portfolios in 2 very different countries.

So if you would like to start investing in property or if you would like to continue your investing journey, CONTACT US TODAY






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